Convert your written contents (articles, blog posts and books) into audio tracks in minutes

Cost effective

Each second matters: pay only for the real audio recording length produced by the speakers


Choose the speakers according to your needs: cost, time and reading style


Choose your voices among our community of speakers from different countries and languages

It’s fully automated!

Just upload your text contents and choose your speakers preferences. We care about all the process:

Conversion into audio

Post production & audio quality

Audio tracks distribution

File hosting

Smart Speakers integration

With Lectios you can integrate your contents with Amazon Echo, Google Home and other smart speakers with real human voices. Forget the text-to-speech solutions. You deserve a higher quality for your business.

Audio hosting platforms distribution

With Lectios you can distribute your contents on your website, iTunes, Soundcloud and other audio hosting platforms populated by millions of listeners and create new communication channels for your company.

Trust and personality of business

With Lectios and our human voices you can create a sense of trust and personality of your business and become more familiar to your users/customers. Using audio, the company’s voice stands out in its sector.

Audio as a new marketing tool

With Lectios you can add audio into your marketing strategy to make storytelling “anytime, anywhere”, to connect with and engage your audience in a super effective way through the “voice” of your brand.