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02/08/2018 4:11:26 PM02/08/2018 4:11:26 PM

In this post we described the different reasons why podcast is so successful and why you might want to start your own podcast. To quickly summarize them:


The power of human voice: it convey much more meaning through tone and inflection than the printed word ever can.

Mobile mobile mobile: it’s a perfect technology for smartphones. You can listen to a podcast while you’re using any other application.

Digital storytelling “anytime, anywhere”: one of the beauties of storytelling podcast is its mobility and accessibility: with the advent of smartphones, a podcast can be listened to anywhere — in a car, at an office, in a coffee shop, on a treadmill and a host of other places and even during a host of other activities.

Brand awareness: offering regular long form content keeps people connecting with your brand. Podcasts are becoming the brand’s spokesperson. They make the brand voice stand out in its sector.

Engagement: according to a recent study, about 85% of podcast listeners said they listened to all or a large part of the episodes.

Differentiation: by starting a podcast you not only distinguish yourself from those who compete with you for the attention of a specific niche, but you also give an alternative to the written content.

More channels for marketing: here is an audience of millions of people out there who wants to listen on demand 24/7, who wants portable, free and customized contents.


A simple idea to start your own podcast production

Now that the benefits of using audio are obvious, you’ll probably be wondering “how to start my own podcast production”?

There are several ways, but if you already have a blog, there is a very simple method: to transform the posts you have already published into audio. Have you ever thought about it?

Surely you’ll already have enough content to start your own podcast channel in no time. All you have to do is to…read them!

In this way you can achieve multiple goals:


You don’t have to worry about creating ad hoc content

Right. You already have it!


You can repurpose contents

On the contrary, you can repurpose contents written even long before: think for example of “evergreen” articles, such as those related to a period of the year (Christmas) or to a season (summer), which can be taken up and presented in another format. Podcast is a perfect repurposing idea: take something you’ve created, put a new spin on it, and give it new life.


You can reach a new audience

Have you ever thought of reaching not only readers but also listeners in platforms where you are not yet present? This is possible, through simple reading of the contents.


Audio newsletter

Do you already send a newsletter? What if you also send an audio newsletter? An interesting fact I can give you, is that some of our customers, simply by inserting audio into their newsletters, have recorded an increase of listening of up to 1600% compared to the initial expectations.


Cross selling

You can make a podcast and distribute it in new platforms to introduce your users/customers to other products related to the one they are buying. With the power of the voice.