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02/08/2018 3:30:21 PM02/08/2018 3:30:21 PM

Podcast is a digital recording of music, news or other media that can be downloaded from the Internet and listened to either on a computer, smartphone, tablet or other portable devices.

In recent years, the number of listeners has increased significantly and today podcasting is experiencing industry disruption with an estimated 67 million monthly podcast listeners thanks to the widespread adoption of mobile devices and on-demand content streaming services.


Podcast audience


Podcasting is becoming a fast and innovative new media marketing tool for businesses right around the world. Therefore, starting a podcast might be the next thing you’d like to do, for many different reasons.


1. The power of human voice

The human voice can convey much more meaning through tone and inflection than the printed word ever can.

Making one’s voice heard creates a much stronger link with the listener than what can be created with a simple reader. Especially if both the podcaster and blogger were unknown until a few seconds before.
Through the voice, the podcaster/brand becomes more familiar to the user/customer and gives business a sense of trust and personality as well as the opportunity to build a deep, rich relationship with your target audience.


2. Mobile mobile mobile

It’s a perfect technology for smartphones. You can listen to a podcast anywhere while you’re using any other application.
For a blog is exactly the opposite. It’s uncomfortable to read on your mobile phone, at the first distraction the player closes the browser and begins to do something else. Farewell reader.


3. Digital storytelling “anytime, anywhere”

As a marketing tool, stories are essential to connecting with an audience, whether it’s broad or targeted. But stories are worthless without an audience; their very purpose is to share. Which makes podcasting a natural fit as a marketing tool to connect with an expansive new audience. It’s verbal storytelling reimagined, repurposed and recast. One of the beauties of storytelling podcast is its mobility and accessibility, making it a marketing dream. With the advent of smartphones, a podcast can be listened to anywhere — in a car, at an office, in a coffee shop, on a treadmill and a host of other places and even during a host of other activities.


storytelling podcast


4. Brand awareness

Offering regular long form content keeps people connecting with your brand. Podcasts are becoming the brand’s spokesperson. They make the brand voice stand out in its sector.


5. Engagement

According to a recent study, about 85% of podcast listeners said they listened to all or a large part of the episodes. If we think about how the information is treated and understood today, with users who limit themselves to a very quick check of the titles of the most important news, podcasting is a trend of particular distinction and standing.


podcast listenings


6. Differentiation

In the frenzy of everyday life, reading requires too much cognitive effort: by starting a podcast you not only distinguish yourself from those who compete with you for the attention of a specific niche, but you also give an alternative to the written content. Offering content to listen to is an excellent alternative to reaching those people who at that moment don’t want or have the ability to read what you write.


7. More channels for marketing

If the goal is to bring more people to your site, by making a podcast you’ll be able to reach users on iTunes, SoundCloud, Youtube, as well as to integrate with smart speakers like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. There is an audience of millions of people out there who wants to listen on demand 24/7, who wants portable, free and customized contents.